Climate Camp Against Nukes

Climate Camp Against Nukes

organised by IPPNW and ICAN Germany, July 4-9 in Düren

► Zukunftscamp für atomare Abrüstung und Klima-Aktion (DE)

Zukunftscamp für atomare Abrütung und Klima-Aktion / Climate Camp against NukesDue to construction work at the Büchel nuclear base, the tactical air force squadron 33 – which is trained to use the nuclear weapons deployed in Büchel – has been temporarily moved to the Bundeswehr base in Nörvenich. For this reason, the action days will this year be held in Düren near Nörvenich from July 4 to 9, 2023.

► Download our flyer (in German)

The Camp

How will the camp work? What could the ideal week on vacation look like? Maybe camping with friends in the countryside; eating well, water and electricity (self-sufficient) provided. Add to this a really interesting cultural programme where we learn from each other, work creatively on a world without nuclear weapons and simply have a great time.

Getting there

How do I get there? Our camp will take place this year in Düren, west of Cologne, between die Airbase Nörvenich and Hambacher Forst. We will set up camp in a meadow at the Düren-Birkesdorf chuch community centre. Here you can find the address and directions for bicycle, public transport and car.


Why do we need a Climate Camp against Nukes?



Why register at all? In order to plan our action camp, it is important to know in advance how many people are coming. We don’t want to organise too many…


The programme this year will be hands-on and creative, open to the public, intellectually interesting, musical and much more.


We call on the Federal Government of Germany:

► not to allow the deployment of new B61-12 nuclear bombs: withdrawal instead of rearmament!

► to accede to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

► to recognise the suffering of survivors and environmental destruction caused by nuclear weapons use, testing and production, as well as assistance to survivors and environmental remediation

► to support the mandatory inclusion of military and arms industry CO2 emissions in UN climate reports.

► to commit to climate finance for countries of the Global South (including loss and damage)

► to implement socially just energy and transport transition instead of new fossil fuel infrastructure.


„We condemn the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. This war has already killed, seriously injured and traumatised hundreds of thousands of people and the end is not yet in sight. It increases the risk of nuclear war, which could mean the end of our civilisation. Any form of „nuclear sharing“ is contrary to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. We condemn all threats of nuclear weapons.

We protest the nuclear arms race and the creation of enemy images. Both have contributed to the dangerous tensions between NATO and Russia. Therefore, we demand diplomacy and disarmament from our government and all warring parties. The mistakes of the West are no justification for the Russian war. War means killing, raping and the physical and mental mutilation of people and can never be qualified.“

Looking forward to seeing you!