This year’s programme will again be hands-on, creative, public, intellectual, musical and much more. Like last year, we will engage in mutual education, practical skill-shares and controversial but respectful discussions about future strategies for our movements.

Discussion and Topics

The programme is open to whatever thoughts and questions you bring. The antinuclear planning group will also be organising some things themselves. They have not yet been finalised, but will include artistic exhibitions on nuclear weapons, the climate crisis as a reason for migration, news from the treaty banning nuclear weapons, feminism and peace, and anti-racism in organisational contexts.

We may take a look at what survivor support and environmental cleanup under the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) have in common with the loss-and-damage approaches of the climate justice movement.
Or how war and the environment are connected, how much the military actually contributes to emissions, and how that will continue.
And with what feminism and nuclear weapons have to do with each other, or how the history of Nörvenich Air Base dates back to the attack on Guernica.

We also have knowledgeable people on topics such as artificial intelligence and nuclear war, anti-nuclear protests in France and humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons at the camp.


is not yet fixed. But Tuesday we will set up the camp infrastructure and Sunday is the TPNW’s birthday, so we might throw a party ;D


Do you have any ideas what is still missing? Do you want to tell people at the camp what is written in the latest IPCC report or why climate protection is manual work? Can you fold paper cranes? Feel free to contact us if you want to get involved in the camp!

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