The Camp

How will the camp work? What could the ideal week on vacation look like? Maybe camping with friends in the countryside; eating well, water and electricity (self-sufficient) provided. Add to this a really interesting cultural programme where we learn from each other, work creatively on a world without nuclear weapons and simply have a great time.

That’s why we will be on a meadow near the Nörvenich Bundeswehr military base: to try to make that come true.


A big part of our activities will take place at the camp – we will sleep, eat, prepare our demo/actions and hold workshops there. But we might be doing trips to the Hambacher Forst or more directly at the Nörvenich air base.

Food and drink

Our camp kitchen will cook for everyone taking part in the action days. All meals will be exclusively vegan. In case of food intolerances/allergies please contact our cooks on site.

Camp meals are free of charge for participants of the action days. However, we are almost completely dependent on donations, as well as on your help in the kitchen and washing up.

Info tent, awareness

We hope to provide an information tent on the camp grounds during the entire days of action, where the program including the daily changes will be posted. The info tent is the „heart of the camp“. You can find our „awareness tent“ here, and you can talk to others, ask questions of any kind and get help or even a place to rest if you need one.

Camp rules:

  1. respectful, benevolent and non-violent interaction with each other – as well as in dealings with outsiders and political opponents
  2. no party flags
  3. no national flags
  4. information materials distributed within the camp only from groups that organise the camp or are affiliated to them
  5. use of gendered language preferred
  6. refer to contact persons (=awareness representatives) in cases of discrimination or when someone feels otherwise uncomfortable.

Sanitary, electricity etc.

We want to organise the camp to be as self-sufficient as possible – with solar power, a water pump and compost toilets. There will, of course, be a charging station for phones/laptops. Showers – yes, hot water – no, but it’s July 🙂

What should I bring?

We recommend you bring warm clothes, raingear and sturdy shoes. If you are camping you will need a sleeping bag+pad, of course, but for those without their own tent we will set up a common exchange to find a place to sleep. A pad to sit on, earplugs for sleeping, your own water bottle, cash and ID are also useful. Please also bring masks and disinfectant if necessary.

Also good: organic soap, a musical instrument, sunscreen, mosquito repellent.

How does it all work?

The camp exists through the participation and contribut others, ask questions of any kind and get help or even a place to rest if you need one.ions of all participants. None of the organisers are paid, the camp lives on donations and the voluntary work of many activists. This applies to the construction and dismantling of the camp, the programme, catering and everything else that is needed to feel comfortable and to make our protest visible. If you see that someone needs support, then give them support! Play an instrument? Able to tell something about nuclear weapons in your home country? Feel like peeling potatoes, or giving a morning yoga class? Or you can help to set up camp two days before it starts? Bring your skills, talk to us (the organising team aka the anti-nuclear planning group) at the camp or contact us beforehand -> Contact

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