Getting there

How do I get there? Our camp will take place this year in Düren, west of Cologne, between die Airbase Nörvenich and Hambacher Forst. We will set up camp in a meadow at the Düren-Birkesdorf chuch community centre. Here you can find the address and directions for bicycle, public transport and car.


evangelisches Gemeindezentrum Düren-Birkesdorf
Matthias-Claudius-Straße 8
52353 Düren

Public transport:
You can get to Düren station by S-Bahn or RB from Cologne. From there the fastest way is to take the regional train to „Düren Im Großen Tal Bf“, from there it is 800m along the Rurstraße (L257) to the southwest, then the camp/community centre is on the right side.
Or you can take the bus 216 from the Düren train station in the direction of Jülich to the bus stop „Birkesdorf Hovener Straße“ and walk from there along the Rurstraße to the east, then the camp/community centre is on the left side of the street after about 600m.

see address above.
Parking space is available directly next to the community centre.

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