Getting there

How do I get there? Our Camp will take place this year in Nörvenich in the south-west of Cologne. The camp has now been registered and approved.

The address is: Poller Str. 19, 52388 Nörvenich

This is a meadow with a row of trees, we will provide electricity and water on site. We do not provide a car park, please refrain from using vehicles if possible, or contact us in advance.

Unfortunately, travelling by public transport is somewhat complicated. This is another reason why bicycles are a very good option for those who can.

  • If you take an S-Bahn train from Cologne to Düren, you can get off at Buir and take one of the rare buses to Nörvenich. If you have a bike with you and don’t want to set off from Cologne, Buir is your stop.
  • Alternatively, you can drive through to Düren and, after a short walk, get on the 208 bus at the Kreishaus, which stops after half an hour in „Hochkirchen Weidbergstraße“. From there it is only a few metres to the end of the street. This is certainly the most convenient option.


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