Days of action Büchel 2021

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Days of Action in Büchel, July 6th to 11th, 2021


Dear English speaking friends, 

The movement against nuclear weapons has always been international. Nuclear weapons don’t stop at borders – but neither do activists!
That’s why we – the organisation team of this years’ camp in Büchel – are looking forward to you joining our protests!


The political situation

This January the nuclear ban treaty came into force: a milestone for the movement against nuclear weapons which has been working to get this treaty for decades. We want to celebrate this great success while at the same time demonstrating that our protest won’t stop until the last nuclear weapon has left the Büchel airbase for good.

For decades Büchel has been the main focus for protest against nuclear weapons in Germany. Twenty bombs are stationed there and the German military exercises to be ready to go to war every day. As people who live nearby, but also as humans living on the same earth, we want to show the German government that we don’t agree with the intimidation and the life-threatening danger posed by nuclear weapons.


The anti-nuclear camp in Büchel

To do so, we aim to connect positive, creative activism with traditional forms of protest. Everyone can join with his or her talents and interests. The camp is self-organised and open to new ideas. Are you ready to join the movement and have an inspiring time at an international Camp against nuclear weapons? Register today!

The english section of our homepage is still under construction, soon you will find more Information about the programme, the bus and bike tour to Büchel etc. right here. We are happy to answer all your questions in the meantime, Simply contact


See you in Büchel!




++As far as the corona-regulations are concerned, we will meet the requirements that apply in July and we will keep this website updated.++